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Arkholme Village Hall is a registered charity (503663) with the objective of:

"the provision and maintenance of a village hall for use by the inhabitants of the area of benefit ... with the object of improving the conditions of life for the inhabitants"


The charity is overseen by a committee of up to 15 trustees elected from the local community who serve in a voluntary capacity to administer the charity and manage the day to day running of the hall.


The Hall is supported through income from private functions, community events, and from a proportion of the profits from the bar. This allows us to provide for the ongoing running and maintenance of the hall and to subsidise the hall's use by the local community.


The charity makes a small surplus every year which is deployed to maintain the Hall and contributes to a prudent reserve in line with charity commission guidelines for regular & emergency large scale maintenance.

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Arkholme Good Times Ltd

In 2013 a private company limited by shares, and wholly owned by the Arkholme Village Hall charity, was incorporated to manage Arkholme Village Hall's income from weddings and bar sales. All profits of the Company are regularly passed to Arkholme Village Hall as a charitable donation.


The trustees are elected to a 2 year term of office at the Annual General Meeting which takes place in January each year. All inhabitants of the area are welcome to attend the AGM and those over 18 are entitled to vote.


If you are interested in becoming a trustee or getting involved with management of the hall please do contact us.

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